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Nothing bad ever happens to me

My boss got to sending e-mails about how we really need to touch base again, which is the sort of early warning sign he'll be wanting me to come back out east. Also this was at the height of confusion about what to do with that license from that other company which was going nowhere particular and not accomplishing much besides irritating me. But I made attempts to call him, and got his voice-mail, which is almost as good as contacting him. And he phoned me, apparently by accident, since it was three times after midnight and the voice-mail message he left was just the distant sound of crowds with no actual words.

But we did, finally, manage to get in actual touch and we agreed it'd been too long since we saw one another face to face --- remember, when I went out last August it was on spec and I never actually saw him --- but he didn't commit to even a particular ``you should come out soon''. Part of that is that he's been going through a number of medical problems, mostly related to implanting things that compensate for his many injuries, so that he admitted he's becoming more robot than man, which would be pretty cool if it happened the way everyone means when they say that.

So while he has some notions that I should go out there sometime when he can, too, it's not clear when he'll be able to. I'm hoping to figure a date that doesn't conflict with any of my important plans --- pinball leagues, mostly, or amusement park tours --- and propose that, hopefully setting that date before anyone can protest. I have, if nothing else, learned the value of setting the anchor.

Trivia: The Krupp works in Essen had about 72 workers in 1848. It had almost twelve thousand in 1873. Source: The Age of Capital, 1848 - 1875, Eric Hobsbawm.

Currently Reading: Pasta And Noodle Technology, Editors James E Kruger, Robert B Matsuo, Joel W Dick.

PS: My Mathematics Blog, As March 2015 Would Have It since it's never too soon to start posting new stuff after the last roundup.


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