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The ice has gone off the fish pond, at last, and melted wholly. While there are nights it's dipping to about freezing that's not enough to put a real layer of ice back on. But, with the pond ice-free, we hadn't seen any of the baby fish. Given that I could see one of the orange babies just before winter's last (and only) gasp of really frigid temperatures through the ice, or the hole in the ice, the fact of not seeing one became ominous. We've turned on the filter, which should clear up the pond's muck, our only marginally plausible explanation for not seeing one. It would be particularly cruel of nature for the fish to make it through to late February and not March.

And so I was despairing, but then yesterday near 6 pm I did see two orange and white baby fish swimming about one another. I went back an hour later but didn't see them, and didn't see them today, but that's changed all expectations now.

On a cheerier, or at least goofier, note, there's my humor blog, as seen on porsupah's Friends page or her Friends Of Friends page, if anyone reads those. Or there's its RSS feed. And, finally, if you just want recent articles, there's:

Trivia: In the ``système usuelle'' instituted in France after 1812, traditional old units of measure were reintroduced, although given metric definitions: the toise, formerly two yards, became two meters; the livre (a pound) became 500 grams, and an ounce one-sixteenth of that; the new pied (a foot), a third of a meter. Source: Measuring America: How The United States was Shaped by the Greatest Land Sale in History, Andro Linklater.

Currently Reading: Pasta And Noodle Technology, Editors James E Kruger, Robert B Matsuo, Joel W Dick. I admit I am kind of reading this ironically, because I'm giggling internally way too much at how often the word ``noodle'' comes up, particularly in close proximity to ``extrusion'', but I'm also honestly learning stuff.

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