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We left the Arcade and made the nicely quick trip back to our hotel, which was the Holiday Inn across the street from the con hotel. It's quieter, mostly, and much cheaper, and the elevators are not so reliably broken. There we changed into our kigurumi for our first public outing in them, bunny_hugger dressed as Stitch and me as a red panda. (I'm not planning on changing, mind you, it's just that red panda is as close as you can get to coati without making a custom kigurumi and it really is not badly off after all.) Also I learned how to drive my car --- the road is too crazily busy to walk across, not that people don't --- with a kigurumi tail to sit on. I don't recommend it for long visits.

We stopped in the con suite, where we'd spend a good bit of time that night and at the con overall, and hung out partly with Shouta, the con suite head, who'd spend nearly the whole weekend watching over food from his throne of Faygo 12-pack boxes. bunny_hugger realized we'd once again forgotten a chance to return one of his home-brew beer bottles to him; possibly next year. It's still fun hanging out around him.

At the con suite there'd be (again) a shortage of vegetarian-friendly real food items, but there'd never be a problem with things to snack on especially in the dwindling hours of the night. The con is a drinking con --- there's reasons it doesn't have any under-18 admittance --- though they'd run short of the cider bunny_hugger was looking for. Even I tried the beer a couple times over the weekend, mind.

We'd ultimately get to the dance in about its last half-hour, although it was going fairly strong, and the kigurumi were very comfortable for dancing. They're certainly more practical for this than fursuit or partial fursuit --- I didn't have to worry about where my tail was --- though the slippers are maybe a bit too slippery on the wood-laminate dance floors. There's always something to be tinkered with.

At the end of the dance the lights came on and, rather than the heavy techno/dance mix that'd been going, the audio system started playing Toto's ``Africa''. For folks of my or bunny_hugger's age and inclinations that's a better kind of dance music, and one we never hear at cons anymore. As ever, go figure.

Trivia: Among the conditions advertising expert Claude C Hopkins demanded before working for the Reo Motor Car company in 1911 were that Ransom Olds would appear in advertisements for the car, and that the new car model would be named ``Reo the Fifth'' --- meaningless, but distinctive and suggesting newness. Source: R E Olds: Auto Industry Pioneer, George S May.

Currently Reading: Russian Planetary Exploration: History, Development, Legacy, and Prospects, Brian Harvey.

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