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One of the handful of panels we wanted to attend --- and I don't want to make Motor City Furry Con sound under-scheduled; it's just that the stuff we were most interested in was also slated for Friday evening, when we were off at the pinball league finals --- was experimental: some kind of text adventure panel. The format was for all the people attended to take turns giving instructions for a text-adventure game. The panel host entered the directions into his computer and interpreted it back for us. I've never been good at text adventure games. I would have to improve considerably to rate merely as horrible. But we were there, and there wasn't any way we could escape either, and it turns out we had quite some fun.

The game we ended up playing was an amusing thing set in Halloweentown or something like that, going around whimsical settings and gathering candy. It threatened not to get started, since the first decision to make was what costume to put on, and people kept reversing the previous decision about what to put on and putting on a different costume. I slightly set things back --- in time, though not in ultimate scoring potential --- when at one point I felt the need to answer a comic devil's question of ``have you been a good or a bad little hobo?'' with, well, good. I-the-player knew what the devil was asking for but I didn't think the character, a child of indeterminate age, would necessarily see things that clearly.

We also nearly got derailed by a guy who dropped in and joined and wanted to try attacking everything that moved, which was just too far out of tone with the Halloween whimsy of the event. Fortunately the gamemaster kept him from doing too much damage, and he left after a couple of turns. The system, and the gamemaster, turned out really very well and I'm glad we made it to this, and that it was a lighthearted and silly sort of story. We'll have to look for it again.

Before going off to dinner we stopped by the main ballroom to peek in at the Fursuit Talent Show, mostly people in costume dancing and then getting critiques of the sometimes harsh variety that you don't really get in furry circles too much. The dancing was all pretty solid, as far as I could tell. bunny_hugger used it as a chance to practice her skills with her pretty serious camera: the combination of dim background with spot lighting, bright-colored suits, and complex moves made for a challenging target that was thus a lot more exciting when the photo worked.

We went back to Taco Bell for dinner, wondering this time at how few people seemed to be there from the convention. Getting there did require crossing the terribly busy road but after all, it's hot and cheap and nearby. As we wondered about this, Jak the Wuffle came in, with his prop of a giant waffle (made, it looks to me, of sofa-cushion-style foam) came in to eat so there's that solved. (Someone at an adjacent table took his waffle while he was getting food, a bit of soon-undone mischief that I imagine he gets all the time.)

Back in our kigurumis, and back at the con, we hung out first at the con suite where once again they'd run out of cider. I forget if I tried some of the beer that night, or Sunday night, or both; I grant it's not that important which. Someone brought in a couple of loose party balloons, which were used for tossing around and occasionally bursting. bunny_hugger, dressed as Stitch, first couldn't resist holding some cans of Ohana drink (Faygo's answer to Hawaiian Punch, I'm given to understand), and then storming around in giant-monster mode kicking a balloon around. Something about some costumes inspires mischief like that.

We also kicked around some the Lilo and Stitch movie and its lingering serious flaw, the whole Cobra Bubbles situation. (Well, he's such a good character when he is simply a good social worker; he's lessened a lot by being made into a Former Men In Black. The movie-makers made him a Former Men In Black because they couldn't work out a way to tie up the social-worker and alien-Federation-destroying-Earth plots. My workaround: have Cobra Bubbles be, in actual fact, just a scary-looking social worker who had dealings with the alien-Federation before because he encountered them last time a genetic abomination accidentally got loose in Hawaii, and thought quickly then. Toss in a cutaway to some other family with a funny-looking dog and you're set. And you're teasing the closing credits which are among the ten most wonderful things humanity's done, which is pretty stiff competition when you consider that humanity has also done ``scenes in which Homer Simpson has to give a fake name''.)

After working out that movie's plot holes we went back to the dance, which also had a couple balloons being tossed around as props, and we kept going through the end of the dance through to the end of the night and our general exhaustion.

Trivia: The Peter Paul Candy company introduced Almond Joy in 1946, 26 years after the release of Mounds. Source: Sweets: A History of Temptation, Tim Richardson.

Currently Reading: Little Zoo By The Red Cedar: The Story Of Potter Park Zoo, Kevin Hile. There's also a definite lack of appreciation for raccoons as zoo critters. But way, way back in the day, they had a guinea pig mound, which makes me wonder why more zoos don't have that. It would be relatively easy, adorable, and answer questions like, ``so in the wild do guinea pigs live in mounds or something? I guess?''

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