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Where beer does flow and men chunder

We hadn't had breakfast. We slept in too late for that, and while we popped into the con suite before the bunnies SIG about all they had were bagels with no cream cheese. Later in the day they would have huge, cinder-block-sized slabs of cream cheese, without so much bagel. Con suites are hard things to run. I was fully prepared emotionally for another visit to Taco Bell, or perhaps to the Big Boy, but bunny_hugger suggested the coney island (diner) across the street. That worked.

A few days earlier from there we'd seen a pair of Canada geese, we assume mated, standing guard over the Benihana parking lot claimed as their territory. They were still there, we'd learn, although they'd moved closer to the side of the building. It was cold, and it would even flurry a little, although mostly it was windy. This was where we were eating when we noticed the TVs had the Michigan State game on, and that the aspect ratio was screwed up somehow so that the score and the clock were cut off. This actually made the game more suspenseful, since we were just estimating what the score was and how much time was left in the game, and then in overtime, a period of duration unknown to us. The flip side was that when the game did end we didn't know it, at least until people started getting very huggy and wandering onto the court.

Because the game went into overtime (and the Michigan State win, which would add to the fun of bunny_hugger's fursuiting, including her MSU sweatshirt, later on) we were late getting back to closing ceremonies, although from the way these things usually go it seems we mostly missed people talking about how great a con it had been and what a blast they'd had not sleeping and all that. The registration problem where a door smashed a critically needed MacBook was mentioned again, although the problem still wasn't made all that clear to me. Also announced were winners of various contests, including the car show that we'd skipped what with it being outside and just looking at cars, as well as the winners of the ``Furry Erections Ha Ha Do You Get It This Sounds Like Elections But We Said Erections'' vote.

That's not my snark, by the way. They explained at opening, and again at closing, that while they were ``elections'' to vote on stuff like cutest couple or best fursuit, they printed ``erections'' because that's so very much inherently funny. bunny_hugger and I didn't win cutest couple, though it's not like we campaigned or were even really clear on what the categories being voted on were. Someone who dressed as a moth won a fursuiting category, and deservedly so, and the winner was even found and led on-stage to get photographed receiving whatever it was election winners won.

They announced the theme for next year would be announced sometime in the next couple of weeks and said how much was raised for the charity and before we were quite ready, the convention was officially over. Except for the Dead Dog Dance, anyway. People started dispersing.

Trivia: By the terms of the Swamp Act of 1850, state officials could declare parts of federally-owned public domain to be swampland, which the state could then claim, drain, and develop or resell. As a result considerable territory not actually surveyed --- including, allegedly, portions of the Ozark Mountains --- were claimed as swampland. Source: A Nation of Deadbeats: An Uncommon History of America's Financial Disasters, Scott Reynolds Nelson.

Currently Reading: Finding Zero: A Mathematician's Odyssey to Uncover the Origins of Numbers, Amir D Aczel.

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