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We arrived here from the sky on that cream pie parked outside

So there's a rumor going around that Paramount wants to make a Galaxy Quest TV series. No idea if it's meant to be the show-in-the-movie, some space action thing that's Next Generation with William Shatner as the captain, or if it's meant to be in the universe of the movie, where the actors happened to go to space on the way to making a sequel series.

The most delightful side of this is at least one commenter on TrekBBS is very upset at the idea of a Galaxy Quest series, on the ground that a whole TV series making fun of Star Trek will cause the public to devalue the nearly 400 episodes of Star Trek. There've actually been about 700 episodes of Star Trek, raising the question of whether the ``400'' was a simple typo or whether the poster does not acknowledge the existence of Voyager and Enterprise.

Meanwhile, I've had a bunch of writing for my mathematics blog. You've had the chance to read it on your friends page or else in your RSS feed, but if you missed that, pieces since the last roundup have included:

Trivia: The brand name Tesco came from street-market trader Jack Cohen taking the initials of his tea dealer in Mincing Lane --- T E Stockwell --- together with the first letters of his last name. Source: Tea: Addiction, Exploitation, and Empire, Roy Moxham.

Currently Reading: Hoboes, Bindlestiffs, Fruit Tramps, And The Harvesting Of The West, Mark Wyman.

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