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Of the beginning

I went into the Lansing pinball league finals tied for fifth place with HMZ, and won our one-ball playoff on World Cup Soccer for the higher seed. This might have been a mistake. In the double-elimination contest I went on to play MWS, whom I beat on World Cup Soccer, just barely lost to on Getaway --- he won on the bonus from a pity extra ball the game gave him for doing terribly on the first two balls (which is only fair; it's part of the game) --- and finally lost to on The Walking Dead, in a game where I did okay and he did fantastically well. Fair enough.

Meanwhile HMZ went on to play WVL, who was having a miserable night and lost all his games. If I'd lost the tiebreaker I'd have played WVL and if he put up the same game of Medieval Madness that he did against HMZ ... well. HMZ would go on to third place in the ``A'' Division, although I'd have needed a lot of luck to do so well myself.

After that first-round loss I went into the Losers, or Consolation, or Second-Chance Bracket, where there was some confusion because the double-elimination playoff is new to our league. The assignment of players in the second-chance bracket is determined by which game they get eliminated in, not just the chronological order of the elimination, but WVL (running the league) had started a match against the person I was supposed to play. It seemed just as good for me to play the person he should've played instead, although that turned out to be CST. CST was the league's three-time champion, and I don't know how he lost his first match. But he is beatable.

Not, however, on Austin Powers, which he is an absolute master on and which he (as the higher seed) picked for the first game. I tried to keep a good attitude --- with him up by a quarter-billion points on the third ball I pointed out, I was all set to have my best game of Austin Powers ever, since the other choice was to lose --- but, yeah, I didn't have my best-game ever. For the second game I picked JunkYard, on which again, he's really good. But I'm also quite good and can be realistically competitive with him. Also he's slam-tilted the game in the past, and if there's any game he might be gunshy about it's that.

Didn't matter; I couldn't put anything together, and so went to defeat after all. I don't know if I ended up in seventh or eighth place --- given the error in placement in the Second-Chance Bracket it might not be clear which --- but that's that. I've never improved my standings in a double-elimination contest, but then I have been playing against really good competition. And this was only my fourth double-place elimination contest, so far. There'll be more.

CST would go on to win the Second Chance Bracket and from there, in a really tough struggle including a last-ball come-from-behind win on The Walking Dead --- he had to make up a sixty million point deficit, which by itself would be a great game, and he did it --- take the league championship. So that's four league championships he's had, but then, this time he had to work harder for it.

bunny_hugger, meanwhile, would take home a trophy. More of that to come.

Trivia: Ulysses S Grant rode in the funeral procession for New York Tribune founder Horace Greeley. Source: The Paper: The Life and Death of the New York Herald Tribune, Richard Kluger.

Currently Reading: Daydream Believers: How A Few Grand Ideas Wrecked American Power, Fred Kaplan.

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