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The birds all sing as if they knew

And now some startling news from my family. I woke Friday to an answering-machine message from my brother, the other one, in Massachusetts. I figured I'd call him when convenient. My other brother, the Maryland one, Twitter-messaged me to ask if I'd spoken with him and told me to get the news from him.

It transpired that my brother and his significant other had got married, not an hour before. Then they had to hang up on me because they'd finally --- finally --- gotten in touch with my mother. Their surprise wedding conflicted with her regular nail appointment. And so our mother was the last to hear about it.

There are a host of questions connected to this. First, of course, was why did they get married now? The only thing I could get was that they wanted a nice easy date to remember and, yeah, 5/15/15 (or if you prefer, 15/5/15) is easy. My brother did say he'd checked with our sister to make sure the marriage wouldn't upstage her pregnancy news. I'd noticed it as a palindromic date of course and realized later it was also the anniversary of the launch of Skylab (the unmanned station, not the first crew). Second would be why they hadn't got married already; they have a kid, after all, so are emotionally tied regardless of what they feel about marriage. Third, yeah, so my parents are fine with a surprise wedding? I didn't imagine they'd be satisfied with me marrying bunny_hugger without the clan getting together.

They're planning to have a party to celebrate their wedding sometime this summer, likely August. We're invited, of course, though they fully understand if we're not able to make it. They say they'll be trying to pick a date with the fewest possible conflicts but know it just won't be possible.

So, it was kind of a news-y week around the family and this wasn't the end of it.

Trivia: Columbia University did not sell the land Rockefeller Center was built on until 1985, when it sold the 11.7 acres for $411 million. Source: Great Fortunes: The Epic of Rockefeller Center, Daniel Okrent.

Currently Reading: Mathematics Without Apologies: Portrait of a Problematic Vocation, Michael Harris.


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