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Who rides the wrecking ball into our guitars

We got our goldfish-pond net assembled! We had to make it a more complicated PVC construction, with a pair of 45-degree joints and two-foot pipes on the ends of the two main ten-foot pipes, which gave us just enough width to cover the 13-foot-wide pond and lets it fit the circular shape a bit more exactly. And we threaded the net with wooden dowels, which were then clamped to the PVC pipes, which makes the net fit snugly to the pipes without hanging loose.

We haven't yet glued the structure together, nor painted it or done other finishing touches. We want to test it out, putting it on at night and taking it off in the morning, to be sure we've got the thing worked out. But it does mean we can finally transfer fish back outside. In the first two days of this we recovered 42 fish from the tank downstairs, to combine with the at least three fish that wintered over outside. The pond's coming alive again.

And as it's Thursday or arguably Friday, it's time to plug my humor blog again. If you're reading it on your Friends page, you're probably porsupah, but if you're reading it on RSS, you're somebody else. I won't say who. If you haven't read lately, here are the things you missed over the past week:

Trivia: When converted to troop-carrying ships the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth were able to carry over 15,000 men at a speed of 28 knots, too fast for destroyers to escort. They relied on zig-zagging and ever-changing routes for safety, successfully. Source: History of the Second World War, B H Liddell-Hart.

Currently Reading: Mathematics Without Apologies: Portrait of a Problematic Vocation, Michael Harris.

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