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A bit of wild nature news from the Lansing area. The last few months a pair of bald eagles were spotted in the vicinity of the zoo. I assume they weren't making fun of the bald eagles that live in the zoo. And I wonder if they aren't the odd-looking large birds we saw while getting onto the highway a couple weeks back.

Unfortunately, the weekly four-page newspaper the Lansing State Journal wraps around a bunch of advertisements reported that they seem to have abandoned their nest. Nobody knows why, although it appears they didn't successfully breed any this spring. It was also suggested they were scared off by the noise of trees being pruned away at the zoo to make for better observation of their nest, but c'mon, they live in the city. Anyway, it's hoped they've gone to somewhere nearby, like the parks or the nature center, to nest now.

And my humor blog! Have you been reading it? If not, then you've missed these fine pieces recently:

Trivia: Chicago Exposition head Daniel Hudson Burnham wrote the fair's director-general, George R Davis, on the 8th of December 1890: ``It may not occur to you how very important a matter this Seal [of the Exposition] is. It will be very largely distributed throughout foreign countries, and is one of those trivial things by which these people will judge the artistic standard of the Fair.'' Source: The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America, Erik Larson.

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