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We gotta get out of this place, there's a better life

So, feeling a touch like we'd been punched in the gut, we went for dinner. We went back to the burrito place, which did require crossing the highway, although it was late enough in the day that traffic wasn't bad. A little clogged, nothing serious.

We returned to the hotel to do a little more walking-around and interacting with people, and staring at the rubber-projectile combat madness that's the Atomic Battle Of Doom. This would also be a little chance for bunny_hugger to do a bit of fursuiting. She hadn't had much chance to wear her costume the weekend, particularly because the Spectacle of Doom ate up five hours of Saturday night (plus an hour and a half for casting, come to that), and the Fursuit Games were opposite the species SIGs we had run. Plus when it comes to the dances it's easier to go in our kigurumis than in fursuit.

One flaw Morphicon has had is that Sunday nights are frightfully dead; they don't have a Dead Dog Dance or anything, and even the Con Suite was closing early this year. But there was a wonderful something kept open to midnight: they fit an extra night of karaoke in. We'd go there in kigurumi again. And this was a just magnificent way to close out the night, because it gathered people who stuck together and sang at various levels of competence. There were a couple people who could actually sing pretty well, and the guy who was able to do voices well enough that, like, he could sing as Sylvester Stallone doing Frozen's ``Let It Go'' and other such silliness. Yes, ``Don't Stop Believing'' was picked, and even spun out into an everybody-sing-along affair. Somebody asked my advice about picking ``Bohemian Rhapsody'' and I pointed out that while everybody loves the song, it's very musically and lyrically tricky and it lasts about as long as middle school.

Despite that, someone wanted to play it and they started singing it frightfully close to midnight, when orders had come down to close up the karaoke. Yet the guy running karaoke cut the song off midway through, so that bunny_hugger could have one last Paul McCartney song for the night, and for the last song before midnight. Officially, Morphicon was done and there would be sometime in the indefinite future AnthrOhio, maybe with karaoke, maybe not.

As folks kind of broke up and tried not to, I took the computer and pulled up The Animals' ``We Gotta Get Out Of This Place'' and set it playing, though I didn't sing. Nobody did. bunny_hugger said she got it, and while nobody among those left seemed to recognize what I was going, I trusted the right people would get it. We left just before the chorus started, as someone interrupted the mute song. So that closed our last night at Morphicon.

Trivia: In May 1999 72 percent of professional money managers answering a Barron's survey said the stock market was in a speculative bubble; 28 percent said no. Source: How Markets Fail: The Logic of Economic Calamities, John Cassidy.

Currently Reading: The Avengers of Carrig, John Brunner.

PS: How May 2015 Treated My Mathematics Blog, my monthly statistical review. Second of these since the last roundup, although given the A-to-Z challenge, there's going to be a third tomorrow if automated posting holds up.

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