austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

And we all need a medicine man

I'm sick. It's just a cold, and I doubt I've even got a fever (I'm not any good at fevers), but I'm not sure where I left my digital thermometer. I'm just a little bit achy, and a lot tired (even for me). Most of how the cold's come out is coughing. Really, really hard. As in hard enough to be left dizzy after a particularly good coughing spell, and to make me worry the shaking of my head might do permanent brain damage. I may be over-worrying. I'm a great cougher. Once as an undergraduate I coughed hard enough long enough the guys in the next room -- separated by cement block walls, I note -- brought me cough medicine, which is very nearly as effective as water in stopping my coughing.

Still, it was bad enough I had to cancel class. I've never had to do that before, though once as a teaching assistant I did oversleep through a class. Since we just had an exam everyone did quite well on there wasn't going to be much; just reviewing a particular transform and doing examples before moving on to applications. I can probably make up the lost time with the recitation section and moving a bit quicker next week.

The Channel 5 Monday Mega Movie is The Empire Strikes Back, facing stiff counter-programming from Disney Channel's Stitch: The Movie. Last week's Monday Mega Movie was Star Wars, and in two weeks they'll have Return of the Jedi, followed by Attack of the Clones. Can't imagine why. Next week is some fantasy flick Fellowship of the Ring Lords or something.

Trivia: The first ``atomic'' clocks based their timing on ammonia molecules. They could run accurately for hours, eventually improved to days. Source: Splitting the Second: The Story of Atomic Time, Tony Jones.

Currently Reading: Shakespeare's Planet, Clifford Simak.


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