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I'm a million miles way from it all

We got up a little later for breakfast, since we were pretty sure we knew how to get to campus and how long that would take and where we might get change for the subway. bunny_hugger worried we'd be late, but I pointed out that we would get there ahead of Peter Singer. She wondered how I could know that. I'd seen him coming to breakfast after us. He was behind bunny_hugger, enough reason for her not to have noticed him. I noticed he chatted with the guy watching over the breakfast area, the one that looked vaguely like David Tennant. Singer had noticed he had been on-duty when he got in last night, and here he was on-duty again in the morning: ``When do you get to sleep?''

(We got change for the subway by going to a different convenience store and buying some candy bars, including some loose candies that turned out to be Russian. They had squirrels on the wrapping.)

I was better-rested for the day and wouldn't doze off. bunny_hugger was listening closer to the presentations too, making use of the slides and a translation app she'd found for her iPod. I didn't think to bring my iPad. We'd also needed surprisingly long to discover where they'd hidden the slip giving us the Wi-Fi password. They were tucked into the name badges, behind our name cards. The name badges fascinated us because bunny_hugger's clip kept falling apart. It was this complicated, slightly over-engineered thing that probably did less damage to clothing than normal banana-clip clips do. It's just that hers kept falling apart, and we learned how to re-build it from using mine as a template.

Lunch was on campus, in yet another building, and we got waved over there before we had time to take a picture of bunny_hugger on campus. We've meant to get a photo of her looking nice and professional and in a good academic setting for her department's web page, and we realized she was looking great and in an attractive setting. The folks trying to keep conference-goers from getting lost spoiled that plan for us, although their work did mean we ended up sitting just about next to Peter Singer again. And he remembered us. He even followed up on his concern about bunny_hugger's uncle.

This felt really weird. I understand a person in his place --- a celebrity, albeit an academic one --- being good or getting good at remembering names and faces and being able to give the impression of familiarity to people he has no good reason to remember. Things would get stranger. bunny_hugger's session was just after lunch.

Trivia: In 1903 in the United States 102 people died of every thousand treated for tetanus. Ten years later none died per 1,000 treated. Source: The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History, John M Barry.

Currently Reading: ... The Heavens And The Earth: A Political History of the Space Age, Walter A McDougall.

PS: Missed A Mile, a kind of memoir-ish point inspired by missing a number on Twitter. Second of these since the last roundup.

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