austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

But nobody's home

Still sick. I felt well enough to go in, print out the exam, and give it to my students; not quite well enough to stick around, so I depend on the honor system. It's a small class; I'm confident with them. The coughing continues; my apartment geckos are now very, very nervous, flinching at each of the sudden, noisy intrusions.

I noticed something neat about the LED light on my external hard drive. I've placed the drive so it's behind the iBook. So the light gets refracted around the plastic rim, in a neat little fiber optic effect, and the white rim of the screen is itself surrounded by a glowing blue border -- which flickers at hard drive accesses. I couldn't have planned for an effect that cool.

Disney Channel's ads for The Little Mermaid: The Saturday Morning Cartoon reruns is a montage including a couple mer-women at the marketplace gleefully shouting, ``Seaweed sale!'' Potential triteness of showing the wimmin-folk all worked up about sales aside, would seaweed be something mer-people buy much? Wouldn't it be kind of like buying lawns? Granted people buy sod, but I've never heard anyone excited by a sale at Agway. I guess I just have my doubts about the economics of Atlantica is all.

Trivia: The first public performance of Beethoven's Fourth Symphony was 15 March 1807 at the palace of Prince Lobkowitz in Vienna. Source: 365: Your Date with History, W B Marsh and Bruce Carrick. It's hard not to mention that Lobkowitz stopped his annuity.

Currently Reading: Shakespeare's Planet, Clifford Simak.


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