austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Every day I look at the world from my window

My dear bunny_hugger,

It's three years now that we've been married, and I'm still so very happy. Thank you for so many days in a row when I feel happy. You make my life so much more, and so much more meaningful, than I could have on my own.

I hope it's a happy anniversary day we have over the coming 24 hours, but then, I know it will be, because it'll be with you.

Trivia: Microwave ovens outsold conventional gas stoves in the United States by 1975. Source: Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: Water For A City: A History of New York City's Problem From The Beginning To The Delaware River System, Charles H Weidner.

PS: A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: proper, more of the mathematics A-to-Z, first since yesterday's roundup.


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