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The earth is shaking, and so am I

Meanwhile, our pet rabbit had his birthday on the 1st. It's his ninth. Somehow we hadn't internalized before that our rabbit's birthday is the day after our wedding before. Back in 2012 of course it came after the climax of the chaos of me moving in, the wedding preparations, guests dispersing, and our getting ready for the honeymoon. In 2013 we were in New Jersey, taking in Wildwood. In 2014 we were getting ready for the Midwest Parks Tour. This might be the first time we haven't had anything bigger than a new pinball league going.

Nine years is getting old, for a rabbit. There's a folkloric belief that larger breeds live shorter lives, although we don't know there's actual data to back that up. At his checkup last fall the vet said our rabbit didn't look like he was getting old, besides a touch of arthritis anomalously growing in his back, rather than his knees.

But he has started to act a bit older, recently. He doesn't scrabble up the ramp to the upper level of his hutch anymore. And right after we got back from Europe he was being sluggish about eating his food. He always ate it, but he might take alarming hours to get around to it. That seems to have passed, or largely passed. We can't rule out that he wasn't just sulking about being away so long. He spends more time napping than he used to, but he'll still do happy dancing when he feels inspired.

Perhaps his arthritis has reached the point he does need the medicine we tried him on back in October. It was his favorite thing in the world, then, but it didn't seem to much change his behavior when the sample ran out. On the other hand, he is a nine-year-old bunny. He needs things.

Trivia: Some packets of prepared specimens that Antoni van Leeuwenhoek sent to the Royal Society were discovered, pasted into envelopes, in 1981, allowing for the modern reproduction of some of the earliest microscope research. Source: Ingenious Pursuits: Building the Scientific Revolution, Lisa Jardine.

Currently Reading: Water For A City: A History of New York City's Problem From The Beginning To The Delaware River System, Charles H Weidner.

PS: A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: quintile, continuing my glossary. I bet you thought I was going to do quaternions, didn't you?


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