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But now we are in luck, beauties everywhere

Time for a mathematics post roundup! So, some more Parc Festyland pictures for you.


Festyland park statuary, near the antique-cars ride: one of the rabbits and one of the large snails.


Festyland park statuary, near the antique-cars ride: remember, the Titanic sank before the discovery of ``too soon''.


Festyland park statuary, near the 1066 roller coaster and the Kaskade water ride. Do you recognize this ... wooden-barrel spaceship alien-plant growth thing? If you do please tell me what it's supposed to be. We've been debating it for six weeks and have no idea yet.

And what's been on my mathematics blog the past week? Was it you? If not, then, why not try reading:

Trivia: Warren G Harding served as basis for the fictional Willis Markham in Samuel Adams's 1926 Revelry and Judson Cumming Hammond in Thomas Frederic Tweed's Gabriel Over The White House. Source: The Uncyclopedia, Gideon Haigh.

Currently Reading: Authority, Jeff Vandermeer.

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