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Paintings filled with foxy women

Humor blog update day! So here's some pictures from Parc Festyland while I lure you into reading something.


Festyland park statuary, in the dinosaur-themed area. The dinosaur seems upset at the considerable plant growth on its legs.


Festyland park statuary, amongst the pirate-themed areas. An earless cat? Or something? The exact nature of this statue was a topic of debate.


Festyland park statuary, in the go-kart track. As we said, fish-o-plane.

And what's going on in my humor blog? Recently? Well ...

Trivia: In 1961 A&P stock sold about $70.50 per share. In 1964, after a general 20 percent rise in United States stock prices, it sold for $34.50. Source: The Great A&P And The Struggle For Small Business In America, Marc Levinson.

Currently Reading: Opus: The Complete Library, Berkeley Breathed. I'd got this through the Humble Bundle package a few months back and only just now got around to reading it. The pages are scrambled, all out of order. I can't figure that I got a corrupted download since the pages are all fine, but it's hard to imagine how their source file could've been so screwed up either.

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