austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

You deserve a break today

I'm feeling rather better, besides some residual coughing and fatigue. Thank you, everyone who's concerned, but I seem to have given the impression I'm much worse off than I ever was. It was never that bad.

At the bank, again I was behind someone involved in the most complicated transaction since the Crédit Mobilier was established, and I read the various savings, insurance, annuity, and other plans. One was only in Mandarin, so I don't know what it was, but the top of the ad showed a Big Mac with fries and Coke. I wouldn't have thought a Value Meal an important incentive to banking services.

Late this morning I had a surprise -- a persistent, urgent knocking with someone calling ... something ... behind the door. I thought it possible someone called for a doctor, since I've been scarce this week ... but no; it was the DHL guy, with a much-appreciated gift from skylerbunny and spaceroo of a couple DVDs. They'd sent them Wednesday afternoon, US time -- Thursday morning Singapore time -- which shows the kind of service you get when you let the company's shipping department pay the postage! I can't help finding amusing too the DVDs, inside their cases, were inside a bubble-wrap envelope, itself folded and tucked inside more bubble wrap, and sealed inside a box about half a shoebox's volume. They certainly arrived securely, and now I need simply to find time to enjoy them ...

Trivia: James Watt invented two machines for copying sculptures, one creating an exact and the other a miniature duplicate of the original statue. Source: The Lunar Men, Jenny Uglow.

Currently Reading: Benchley Lost and Found, Robert Benchley. There have been a lot of Benchley shorts on Turner Classic Movies here lately; is some blessed person leading a revival I haven't heard about?


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