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Let's all raise a glass

So here's some miscellaneous pictures from Caen:


A part of the Castle at Caen. The tower just stands on a traffic island, basically, in the middle of town.


Above ground, a castle dating back to William the Conquerer's time. Below ground, a parking garage. It just looks like a tear in the fabric of reality.


bunny_hugger looks at the art museum nestled within the castle's outer walls. The art museum dates to about 1970.


Peering down, very far, from the edge of the castle to the sidewalk maybe sixty feet below. This is why I never take my camera wrist-strap off.

And here's the stuff from my mathematics blog the past week:

Trivia: The Apollo 11 crew quarantine ended at 9 pm on Sunday evening, the 10th of August, 1969. A staff car drove the crew to their homes, individually. Source: First Man: The Life of Neil A Armstrong, James R Hansen. (Hansen's phrasing makes it sound to me like there was one car that had to make three trips. That seems weird but somehow in keeping with that strange mix of cheapness and lavishness that government projects seem to have.)

Currently Reading: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L Frank Baum. ... You know, you forget just how much killing Team Dorothy does in the original book.

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