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I didn't find the Singapore Merlion doll a friend asked for, but at Suntec City I found something almost as good, namely, something bizarre. You might recall Suntec City as the place that last month had the Civil Defence Neopets show. Today's didn't include cute animals providing economic and psychological defense against all comers. It was instead a show tied to the Esplanade's presentation of The Sound of Music, the musical.

It offered terrified kids, some of them up on stage in costume, the chance to uncertainly sing along to songs from The Sound of Music. I'd never heard ``Edelweiss'' in Mandarin before, and to judge from their reactions, neither had any of the kids, though they had a fine baritone adult leading them. The kids were much more into ``Do-Re-Mi'' in English. Obviously somebody at Suntec City is charged with coming up with events to which one can bring children and let them leap hesitantly into confusing experiences. I wonder how you get that job.

But I got a fun bunch of toys anyway. One of the toy shops had some ``1/7000 scale'' Star Trek toys. This is a bunch of rubber starship toys -- and one Deep Space Nine toys -- that are (except for the station) on inch or two long, small for toy value, and the Original Series Enterprises are too dark, but when's the last time you saw a USS Stargazer toy at all? Or the Pasteur? The Deep Space Nine looks like it might be six inches across, fully assembled.

Trivia: Cane sugar was grown in Cape May County from 1881 to 1885. Source: This Is New Jersey, John T Cunningham.

Currently Reading: Benchley Lost and Found, Robert Benchley.


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