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As the wizards play down on Pinball Way on the boardwalk way past dark

For the fourth of July proper we went to a baseball game. We hadn't been to the Lugnuts, Lansing's own very minor league team, since the closing day last season when things were rained out. The ballpark's in the midst of renovations, as they're renovating the park some and building revenue-generating apartments to hang over the outfield. We went with that friend of bunny_hugger's, whom I've got enough of a friendship with to be asked to help him move apartments.

The Lugnuts lost, as is traditional, although if I remember rightly they did manage a home run. I don't believe I've seen that before. Because everybody goes to the 4th of July game we could only get seats way, way off at the end of the first base line, where we might've got clobbered by a foul ball. (Someone else did.) We did find they've got pita chips and hummus at the ballpark now, because you can get pita chips and hummus pretty much anywhere, anytime, anymore.

At the end of weekend ball games, and the 4th of July games, come fireworks. In past seasons they were set off from the lawn behind the outfield fence, cheap seats from which people are shooed off in the eighth inning. But that space was a construction site now, and the tiny bit of lawn that was left didn't seem to have anybody being chased off. What they did, it turns out, is wheel out a relatively small fireworks display on a couple of truckbeds, after the game had finished. It was less exciting than in past years. We hope that when the construction is finished they'll go back to bigger shows. Certainly the roof of an apartment building ought to be a nice, safe, securable base for a fireworks show.

A few minutes after the close of the Lugnuts' fireworks was to be a show from the city, from one of the nearby parks. They schedule it that way. What we weren't sure about was where the fireworks were launching from, and the stadium didn't announce anything too clearly to anyone. And the delay between the end of one show and the start of the next was long enough to leave us confused and unsure what to do. But the fireworks came and while we changed seats some to get a better view we weren't badly placed to start with.

And when that was done came the walk back home. bunny_hugger had promised a madhouse of people throwing fireworks and being generally rowdy. It was crowded, certainly, although not too crazy. This may be because we walked on the biggest east-west road out of the park, and the police were patrolling the avenue intently. It was still loud, though, and fireworks were going off till a fair bit past the midnight curfew. Still, it was great to see.

Trivia: Ebbets Field was built on the site of a longtime garbage pit. The area in Brooklyn had been called Pigstown because of farmers bringing pigs to feed there. Source: Level Playing Fields: How The Groundskeeping Murphy Brothers Shaped Baseball, Peter Morris.

Currently Reading: Out Of The Shadow: The Story of Charles Edison, A Biography, John D Venable.

PS: How Pinball Leagues and Chemistry Works: The Mathematics, and hm, I guess that's the wrong verb number there, isn't it? That's embarrassing. Please pretend you didn't see that.


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