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Hey, it looks a little cloudy, but that's okay

Friday morning! Here's pictures from the Muskegon lighthouse and then one from Michigan's Adventure for completeness. P1300675

The Muskegon Pier Lighthouse, viewed from the approach and the Coast Guard station that replaced the lighthouse keeper's house. In the background, the Muskegon Breakwater Lighthouse.


Us, at the top of the Pier Lighthouse. I manage for a change to open my eyes enough not to look like I'm asleep, which is why I look like a madman instead. Sorry


Panoramic view back to the Muskegon shoreline from the top of the Pier Lighthouse. (Looking out onto the Great Lakes was just water, and since it was near noon there wasn't any interesting sunlight. Sorry.)


At Michigan's Adventure bunny_hugger pals around with Snoopy. She'd explained that she preferred Snoopy because Lucy is ``too mean''.

And then let's look over my humor blog from the past week, in case you haven't read it already. Run since last Friday have been:

Trivia: Erasmus Darwin estimated his income for 1757 (when he was 26) at £192; for 1758, £305; for 1759, £460; and for 1760, £544. Source: The Lunar Men: The Friends Who Made The Future, Jenny Uglow.

Currently Reading: Out Of The Shadow: The Story of Charles Edison, A Biography, John D Venable.

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