austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

How do you know that you can't ride a rainbow in the sky

Long, heavy rains today. Localized flooding. My hopes of taking a picture of the campus squirrel were dashed, as were my plans to go to the Night Safari at the Zoo. But I got to watch another disc of the Looney Tunes DVD set.

In perhaps a dangerous precedent I also logged in to Spindizzy to watch o'er the Roleplay Expo from the office. Shockingly, I didn't do appreciably worse than usual in getting done the things I needed done at work. I generally keep mucking to home, but I wanted the head wizardly presence, which helps draw out the shy people to events.

Little roleplaying got done at the Expo (but Spindizzy regulars are advised to keep watching), but it did establish at least that people want to see more of it, and want to feel freer to improvise even with strangers. Also, most everyone feels they're personally no good at it. There's some sort of inverse law at work in online communities; the people who are least assured of themselves are nearly always the most interesting and the ones with the least to worry about. If they'd relax and be themselves they'd notice everybody likes them that way. Conversely, the most troublesome people I've had to deal with were abundantly self-confident despite really bad personalities.

But then I've got poor confidence in my skills at roleplaying, and on Spindizzy am an elastic coati with rabbit ears and tail (more matters pending). And while it's always dangerous to start bragging, I think the past month has been a real vintage season; more and more diverse things have been happening and I'm glad for the life. We'll see about tomorrow's rain.

Trivia: The Apollo Command Module leaked into space as much as a tenth of a pound of oxygen each hour. Source: The Partnership: A History of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, Edward Clinton Ezell and Linda Neuman Ezell. NASA SP-4209.

Currently Reading: London: A History, Francis Sheppard.


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