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Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood

Back to Story Land for pictures!


Gruff alert! So now we've seen this setup at both Story Land and its sister park of Idlewild.


Getting into the international/adventure side of the park: on the left is the Flying Carpet Sandwich Oasis. In the center is the Polar Coaster, the older roller coaster. To the right of that is a clock with a parade of kids to the tune of the Child's World Of Fun song. Past that is a windmill and ice cream shop.


At the Polar Coaster: somebody's out of place here.


The windmill, right by the Dutch Village Ice Cream Shop. Now, not really highlighted but worth mentioning: you see that cow statue on the right? And the kid kneeling down behind it? That's because you are invited to milk the cow statue. This is surely something that kids remember for a long time after they've done it.


An animatronic groundhog, popped up to tell us about a show that's coming up shortly.

And mathematics blog content of the past week? Here's what you missed:

Something something Friends page etc something else RSS reader available dilute okay.

Trivia: The lead headline for the Milwaukee Sentinel for the 5th of October, 1957, read ``Today, We Make History''. It regarded the first World Series game being held in Wisconsin. Sputnik news was on page three. Source: This New Ocean: The Story Of The First Space Age, William E Burrows. (In this particular segment Burrows is directly quoting a person, so the headline or newspaper might be misremembered. On the 5th, the Braves would lose to the Yankees at Milwaukee County Stadium, 12-3, in a game lasting three hours, eighteen minutes and no extra innings.)

Currently Reading: Moon Bound: Choosing and Preparing NASA's Lunar Astronauts, Colin Burgess.

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