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Well I can't forget this evening

In the morning bunny_hugger had to fly home. We had planned the trip this way, mostly out of wariness. With me staying on at the office for a week after, the cost of our hotel room was covered, so that if some Flightmare-like catastrophe screwed up our departure we wouldn't have to put up with an emergency hotel purchase. The most that we'd suffer is bunny_hugger kicking around the office, bored.

But we wouldn't even suffer that. She had a flight out of the Trenton airport, on Frontier Airlines. We hadn't flown them since Flightmare but the price out of Trenton was really, really good. Less good once we got there and learned they were charging for carry-on bags. Tragically, airlines have decided their best profits can be found by making flying really, really miserable. Well, I was braced for her to suffer through another insulting round of flight security theater, and her traction device leaving screeners stunned by the idea a person with back problems might bring something that treats back problems. But that apparently wasn't so terrifying here, and I don't think they were even scared by her jeans this time around.

I waited for her plane to take off, safely, and a little more, and then went to the office. While I'd mentioned a couple times to people that I was coming back the office gossip machine apparently isn't very much. I took a lot of people by surprised and it took about an hour of repeating what I'd been up to for me to get up to my office. There, I believe, I'd found my monitor had been swiped, which is fair because I don't need one for remote logins and they have other people who need to do stuff. But it did mean my half-day in the office was pretty much one of getting to the office, rather than anything that actually needed doing.

Back at the hotel, I did laundry. The machines are free there.

Trivia: New York's first almanac was prepared in 1697 because the author had ``little else to do''. Source: The King's Best Highway: The Lost History Of The Boston Post Road, The Route That Made America, Eric Jaffe.

Currently Reading: The Mapmakers, John Noble Wilford.

PS: Phase Equilibria and the usefulness of μ, continuing my effort to reblog a thermodynamics blogger.

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