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Clean up your own backyard

The amusing and the curious thing, naturally, were together on a sign in the men's room on the mall's fourth floor:

Restroom Association (Singapore) Five-Star Happy Toilet, July 2003-June 2004.

(Toilet here refers to the entire bathroom, which keeps entertaining Americans, who will snicker at signs reminding one, for example, to not leave personal items in the toilet.) Yes, we're drawn to a grin by the words; but there's the question of what the mall did to make the bathroom a noteworthily happy toilet, and in what way they failed over their glory year of 2003-2004 that it was no longer a five-star happy toilet. I wonder if they're down to four-star toilet happiness and haven't mentioned it because it would be a defeat to admit losing a star of toilet happiness. I'd hate to think they were relegated to the unhappy toilet leagues.

And ... huh. On the New He-Man episode just on, Orko terrifies a prisoner Snake-man by whipping up a giant mongoose. It's effective, but shouldn't the Snake-man have noticed the giant mongoose can't reach inside the jail cell because his claws are too big to fit between the bars? And should Orko really be in charge of interrogating prisoners? Even if everyone else has been turned into Snake-men?

Trivia: The Farmington Canal, begun in 1825 to connect New Haven to the Connecticut River, included stone aqueducts which lifted it to pass above the Farmington River. Source: The Antebellum Period, James M Volo and Dorothy Denneen Volo.

Currently Reading: The Quest for Longitude, Edited by William J H Andrews.


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