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Like we did last summer

I doubt we spent the bulk of our time at the county fair looking at animals, although they do dominate memories of the event. One thing that does stick in the mind is our search for the Birthing Barn. bunny_hugger's father was sure it was somewhere off on the far side of the fairgrounds. A contrary view was that he was thinking of the layout of the Jackson County Fairgrounds, and that there might not be a Birthing Barn anywhere accessible here in Calhoun County. I don't believe the issue was ever settled to anyone's satisfaction and we didn't get to seeing any infant animals in the day. Young ones, yes, but not newborns.

There were plenty of animals on display anyway and goats are always popular. We did see the evidence of a passed goat-obstacle-course event, with a couple children trying to coax small goats up a see-saw, to mixed results. There were a tolerable number of rabbits on display too, although it seemed to be not so many as last year. There was only the one guinea pig on display that we saw, and just one exhibit of hamsters either. Both had ribbons.

Most prominently absent were birds. No chickens, no turkeys, no peacocks, no ducks, nothing. They were so absent it took a bit for us to realize what was missing. The only explanation we found was a sign about the bird exhibits having been left at their breeders' homes for reasons of health. Then we remembered, oh yeah, bird flu, that's going on, isn't it? Maybe things were better explained from some other angle, or from a part of the fairgrounds we hadn't been to.

bunny_hugger's parents refrained from the rides, of course. We did ride. They lacked any roller coaster, even a kiddie coaster, but that's all right. They had a nice Super Round Up, one of my old and longstanding favorites. And a Ferris Wheel that zipped along nicely enough to give some great views of the fairgrounds. There was also a little dark ride that I wanted to give a try. bunny_hugger warned she'd been on it last year (when I missed this fair) and it was disappointing. Well, so it was. It was a tiny little thing with few props and dependent mostly on a couple loud noises. It made ingenious use of its tiny space, with a track that circled back and forth on itself, but yeah, there wasn't much to it.

I believe it was in the evening of all this that bunny_hugger's father learned I had never seen Dune. Correcting this would become one of the urgent tasks of his following month.

Trivia: During final preparations of the Viking probes a lightning bolt struck the Explosive Safe Area Building, damaging pressure transducers on one of the orbiter propulsion modules. The module was refurbished to a spare unit. Source: On Mars: Exploration of the Red Planet 1958 - 1978, Edward Clinton Ezell, Linda Neuman Ezell. NASA SP-4212.

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