austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

The best part of waking up

At the risk of being controversial, I love getting free stuff. The wireless router voucher isn't here, no, but I got some free stuff from university sources. One is tucked inside a box labelled ``Unleashing Minds, Transforming Lives,'' which is a tall order for a box not four inches cube. Inside turns out to be ... a coffee mug. I've never been a believer in the cult of coffee the almighty magical beverage; in fact, I don't understand coffee. It seems to be an unpleasant, coarse form of water, like hot chocolate that's turned its back on society. I grant this is how eight-year-olds think of coffee, but it's how I think too.

With the mug I suppose it's meant to be the school that does the unleashing of minds and the transforming of lives since, really, no coffee of which I'm aware would do much about either problem, however caffeinated (either coffee or life).

The other free thing was a pocket-sized 2005 calendar, in a snug transparent plastic sleeve with its donor's initials embossed. It comes from the Office of Quality Management.

Boy, Lucas really wussied up the music for Jabba the Hutt's lair in Return of the Jedi: The Special Super-Duper Edition, didn't he? Was the big Banana Split/Fraggle guy always in the band around Tentacle Head Woman, or is that a new retcon? The weird thing isn't the subtitles in Chinese -- most English-language movies have them -- but that the subtitles continue for the dialogue Jabba has that isn't subtitled in English. When Jabba's dialogue has English subtitles the Chinese ones are delayed.

Trivia: At most 14 bishops may be placed on a standard chess board simultaneously without any having the ability to capture another. Source: Mathematical Recreations and Essays, W W Rouse Ball and HSM Coxeter.

Currently Reading: Jupiter, Reta Beebe.


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