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That's enough time spent talking about things that are suddenly gone. Let me get back to the heart of my Livejournal: amusement park trips. As August wound down we reflected on the horrible fact we hadn't been to Cedar Point yet at all this summer. We had figured to, in July, but that was diverted to Michigan's Adventure by the arrival of bunny_hugger's brother and his girlfriend, who wanted to go there instead. And now school was starting, eating up weekdays that are so good for park-visiting. And weekends are a mess. But there was Labor Day, probably the best day available before the end of the season.

Except then we discovered that Cedar Point was holding a ``Roller Coaster Appreciation Night''. This would be a Friday night, a scrap of time left over before a weekend the park was bought out for some private affair (!), where nothing but their roller coasters would be running, and where they'd unveil stuff about the roller coaster they're building next year. Could we do day trips to Sandusky on Monday and Friday in one week? ... Maybe. But that is getting to be a lot of driving.

Also, then, when would we make our last trip to Michican's Adventure for the year? We'd had a tradition of going their closing day, which would be two days after Roller Coaster Appreciation Night. But that day we'd have to miss anyway. We had plans to go to a concert with bunny_hugger's parents that day. And if we hadn't had those plans, or if we were cads enough to cancel, there was a pinball tournament in Ann Arbor that we might have gone to, and made a little more secure our state rankings.

So that's the chain of reasoning that took us to Michigan's Adventure for Labor Day. And to look forward to our season's first visit to Cedar Point being an early-September day. We figured Michigan's Adventure would be soothingly low-key, and give us a chance to stop off for some pinball afterwards. We figured Cedar Point to be a novel day. We were not exactly wrong in any of this.

Trivia: It is not known when New Jersey's Richard Stockton --- the only signer of the Declaration of Independence to recant his signing --- affixed his name to it. Source: Signing Their Lives Away: The Fame and Misfortune of the Men Who Signed The Declaration of Independence, Denise Kiernan, Joseph D'Agnese.

Currently Reading: The Laser in America, 1950 - 1970, Joan Lisa Bromberg.

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