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When I think of what we wasted, makes me sad

It was still raining, drizzling-to-actual-rain, as we drove into Cedar Point. But they didn't have any announcements that Roller Coaster Appreciation Night was called off, either. There was a small crowd gathered around the entrance, as close as possible to the overhanging gate. The opening of Roller Coaster Appreciation Night was done as they might open any day. They played the National Anthem, and then they played the spiel welcoming people to Cedar Point, the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, and --- using their current brand-promoting concept here --- get ready now to have your best day ever. The group, huddled in a chilly rain underneath darkening skies, chuckled.

The park was getting dressed up for Halloweekends, so we never really saw it in normal livery this year. But it wasn't fully converted over yet either. Most of what it was, was wet. And weirdly dark. Even on a Friday-of-Halloweekends night, when only some of the rides are open, there are still lights turned on and those serve to illuminate the park. But this time even things like the Midway Carousel were dark, and the Casino arcade was closed up, throwing no light out into the surroundings. If it had been a cloudless evening with the moon helping out this would have been dark but still atmospheric. Under heavy clouds and rain that kept shifting between light drizzle and light rain, though, it threatened to be dismal.

Also cold. I had worn a hoodie down, on the weather forecast reports that it would be in the low 60s to high 50s. I've made this mistake before. The weather may have been right for the city of Sandusky, but Cedar Point is a peninsula out on the lake. It's always colder there. So it was colder than that and my decision not to take my jacket was a mistake.

I was doing all right, although I was shivering a good bit. I tend to shiver. I always have, and losing a hundred-plus pounds didn't help any. bunny_hugger was worried that I was more miserable than I actually was. I promised that I'd buy a jacket when we found a gift shop that was open. Fewer places were open than we had figured. But we found one, just past the sweets shop, and I picked out a GateKeeper jacket that was not as warm as either one that I had back home. But it was tolerably weather-proof, and was another layer of clothing to put on, which would be all that I really desperately needed for the rainy night.

Cedar Point's forthcoming roller coaster, to open next year, carries the name Valravn. It had been officially announced two days before. This though construction had been ongoing already, and Snoopy's Good Time Theatre and the Turnpike Cars ride had been demolished last winter to make room for it. Valravn is named for the Danish-folklore supernatural raven who consumes the hearts of slain kings. Cedar Point is promoting it more as ``King of the Sky''. This reminded bunny_hugger of how Cedar Point had, two decades ago, announced its new roller coaster would be named the Banshee until apparently someone looked up what a Banshee actually is and they changed the name to ``Mantis''. (And then two decades later went ahead and named a ride Banshee at the Kings Island park.)

The logo had been unveiled two days before, and it's a good-looking one, a great raven wearing knight's armor and flying toward the viewer. The park also had a prop set up, a gigantic throne in which you could take pictures looking very small. You could also look very wet, because the rain puddled onto the seat and didn't drain. They also had a segment of track set to the side, ready for inspection. Some serious roller coaster enthusiast was literally crawling all over the track. I mean ``literally'' literally. There wasn't anything keeping one from going right up to the track and then why not climb onto the steel contraption? Besides that puddles of water on smooth sheets of steel are easy to slip off of?

There was also some kind of vending machine offering social media-linked prizes. We didn't figure out what that was for. We'd learn later that you needed a smartphone to make use of them anyway, and since we haven't got one, there wasn't anything for us there.

We'd have to content ourselves with the arguably seventeen rides that were supposed to be running.

Trivia: A contemporary New York Tribune account from 1870, noting New York Mutuals outfielder Dan Patterson managing a one-handed catch (against Chicago's White Stockings) remarked that ``such catches are rare as angels' visits''. Source: A Game Of Inches: The Story of the Innovations that Shaped Baseball, Peter Morris. (Gloves were not used at the time, and two-handed catches were almost essential.)

Currently Reading: Codes of the Underworld: How Criminals Communicate, Diego Gambetta.

PS: How Antifreeze Works, which is really just a pointer to a CarnotCycle blog about the mathematics of antifreeze. Or, generally, of how mixing solutions at different concentrations will affect the freezing point of the mixture.

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