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Leaping ahead again in favor of breaking news, and to make a logical thematic break before the next trip report.

MWS, one of our pinball friends, bought his first machine earlier this year. It's a Tri-Zone, a game made by Williams in 1979. That's a transitional era in pinball, as computers were starting to come into game design. This allowed for more complicated rule play, as well as faster games, not to mention more sound effects. The game isn't one of the famous circa-1980 games, but it has got much of what's appealing about that era, including your classic backglass display of the ``art that could've been a movie poster for Logan's Run if they'd tried for it'' style.

Anyway, MWS has after about half a year gotten tired of the game. It's not ot a very deep rule set, and he's a power player. He'd begun looking to sell it and get a new, more complex machine. And then we have been thinking, more and more, of how we'd like to get a pinball machine. We've had the chance to play his particular table, and we have that deep reserve of trust in him. And every review of the machine says it's a great first table to own, because it is straightforward to fix. So it allows one to build up pinball-repair skills without being overwhelmed. And it has many devotees who love the gameplay; several folks said they wouldn't sell their Tri-Zone at any price. And so ... well, we've made the deal. We'll be buying our first pinball machine, and just need to find a spot in the breakfast nook to fit it.

Yes, there's complications. Mostly this involves getting the machine to our house. bunny_hugger's parents have a Honda CRV that it turns out is the right model for transporting pinball machines. (Newer CRVs trim the interior space just enough that pinball machines with plungers don't fit well.) They're willing to let us borrow their car for the transport, though her father's already anxious about when all this will happen. We're figuring on next week, because MWS needs to fix a minor glitch with the drop targets before the sale is official, and while that's not hard that is something he has to make time for.

Trivia: A summer 1803 audit of the federal attorney's office in New York found some $44,000 missing. Though his integrity was not questioned, Edward Livingston --- office head as well as mayor of New York City --- resigned both posts and moved to New Orleans. De Witt Clinton was named mayor in his place. Source: Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898, Edward G Burrows, Mike Wallace.

Currently Reading: Asimov's Science Fiction, September 2015. Editor Sheila Williams. Well, you know how it is, you put the magazine off to the side and figure to read it later and then half a year's gone by.

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