austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Hello Wisconsin! Won't you find my Yonnie Yonson?

I bought a mop and a box of aluminum foil. I'd like to say there was a story behind this, but there's not really anything you wouldn't have guessed: my old mop was getting pretty grody, and I was out of aluminum foil. Still, it's an odd pair of things to buy from the convenience store, and I felt easily 12 percent more awkward than usual taking them to the cashier and walking back home. A mop and a box of aluminum foil: the list just sounds peculiar, and it only gets worse on repetition. Thinking about the mop and the box of aluminum foil I'm becoming less sure about my purchase. Maybe should go back and try again.

I apologize for writing ``grody,'' but I really don't have a better-fitting word. Actually in my elementary school we didn't say ``grody,'' and used ``corroded'' instead, but that doesn't describe the shape of the old mop. It also suggests, on reflection, that I went to a peculiar elementary school, one possibly crowded with future structural engineers. I may consign the old mop to being used on the bathroom floors, although specific room assignments for mops is a level of obsessive-compulsive disorder I hadn't imagined myself capable of accomplishing.

Also the Kim Possible where Doctor Drakken tries to melt Wisconsin from the state's Cheese House (he'd assumed it was merely covered in Wisconsin Swiss, a mistake many visitors make; in fact it's entirely cheese) is more fun on a normal TV screen; I last saw it on a cramped tiny screen in Business Class.

Trivia: Ice from New England was regularly shipped to San Francisco in 1851. Source: The Frozen-Water Trade, Gavin Weightman.

Currently Reading: Jupiter, Reta Beebe.


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