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Join with true Great Pumpkin friends

We were making our way back toward the Frontier Trail. We stopped in on the wood-carver, particularly, since we enjoyed his company the previous year and he was the son of the wood-carver at the Merry-Go-Round Museum. We didn't get into such an interesting chat with him this year, though. He was rather busy with something outside the main shop. The shop had a lot of dragon carvings, all over the place. We don't know why they're dragon-mad this year. The gryphons we understand, since that ties in with GateKeeper. We noticed also they had a neat miniature of one of the Cedar Downs racing carousel. They also had a miniature of the Space Spiral, which was torn down in 2012. I haven't noticed miniatures of rides before and was curious what they're for. We also stopped in the candle shop and the glasswares shop, but didn't find anything compelling.

We didn't realize their petting zoo would still be running. Usually they have the animals inside by mid-October. But no, they had small horses and cows and goats and even rabbits and guinea pigs. Quite a few rabbits, at that. The Rabbits Facts plaque mentioned correctly that ``rabbits are not rodents'', but it included on the fun facts ``rabbits only sweat on the pads of their feet''. Rabbit feet don't have pads. Pretty sure they don't sweat, either. This reminds me of the old crack that ``the snake has ears on its feet''.

Anyway, this took us to the area of the Town Hall Museum, and we got lost staring at exhibits in there. We've been there before, of course, and crawled all over it before. But we do like looking close at the exhibits. And we keep noticing stuff, such as a picture of The Racer, a 1906-era roller coaster. We also spotted in the exhibits a ``Catalogue of Boston's Eden Musee and Chamber of Horror'', which made us realize that the Eden Musee haunted house they set up for Halloweekends near the Mean Streak roller coaster has more park heritage to it than we realized.

The downside is we spent so much time at the museum that we missed the Halloweekends parade. We were at the wrong side of the park for it. So it's lucky we stopped in at just the right moment the weekend before to see it. As consolation, though, we rode the Turnpike Cars ride which is near the Town Hall Museum. It's another of the antique car rides --- Cedar Point used to have three of them --- and the one we ride the least. The one demolished for ValRavn construction had better theming, and that wasn't transferred to the surviving rides. We also got in a ride on the Skyhawk swinging ride.

With a few short hours left we stopped into one of the shows, the magic-and-dance show. It was the one that I'd gotten up on stage for, to be part of a magic trick, in 2014. Something like a fifth of the stunts or dances had changed from last year's show. The show had lost one of the dances bunny_hugger particularly liked, one with the dancers posed as marionettes on strings, but it was still satisfying. They had kids called up for the stunt I had done last year. I think I did the part (swapping places with the magician in the stocks) better, but, you know, kids and all that.

We happened to wander back toward Millennium Force, mostly to explore this curious little open space. It's just this open concrete patio with nothing on it, right next to the extremely popular roller coaster. We couldn't remember having noticed it before this October, but the cracks in the pavement show it can't be new. But you can also walk from it right up to supports of Millennium Force. And how did we never notice it before? I'm going to call it Billennium Park. It's a mystery.

Curious, though, is that there wasn't much line for Millennium Force. So we got to enjoy a sunset ride on the roller coaster, at the edge of the water and above the animatronic dinosaurs. It was a great setting.

We stopped in at the Sweet Spot. This is a shop new to Cedar point for 2014; it replaced the Peppermint Patty's Candy Shop or something with an equivalent name. It's attached to the Snoopy Boutique. The particular attraction was Chicago-style popcorn that bunny_hugger had noticed a night or two before. That's a blend of cheese popcorn with kettle corn. I'd been skeptical of the mix, but boy, it is great. We'd ration it to enjoy over the following week plus and that was hard.

For our last ride of the night we went to the ride we'd seen 2014 out on --- Corkscrew. It didn't have much of a line, not surprising considering Millennium Force didn't have much of one. We were able to get a couple of rides on it. They were still taking riders to a couple minutes after the park's nominal closing hour of 8 pm, even, which was a pleasant surprise.

And this closed out our Halloweekends visit.

Trivia: The Apollo 17 Lunar Module touched down within 656 feet of the planned landing point in the Taurus-Littrow Valley. Source: Apollo By The Numbers: A Statistical Reference, Richard W Orloff. NASA SP-2000-4029.

Currently Reading: Arresting Dress: Cross-dressing, Law, and Fascination in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco, Clare Sears.

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