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I got up early the next day. I tend to get up earlier than bunny_hugger anyway, and I wasn't going to sleep in given my worry about the car anyway. I phoned Spartan Scion and they were able to see me and the car anytime I wanted. So I drove over. Shortly before the dealership I got that reassuring-yet-worrying moment of a car full of people pulling up beside, honking and pointing underneath my car. It's nice to know there are people looking out for your car problems. It's sad knowing it's that obvious there are problems.

But there was good news. Nothing important in my car had been damaged. The only actual harm had come to one of the clips holding the front bumper on, and there's redundancy in that. What was hanging off it, and scraping so, was a chunk of deer corpse, held up by the clip. A good under-body car wash, or even just waiting for the matter to fall off, was all it'd need. I went to the car wash they recommended, and got back home before bunny_hugger, exhausted by the weekend, even woke up.

Since the incident the car's been a little more squeaky, I suppose reflecting the front bumper not being held on as tight. And on a steep enough incline the projected-out broken clip still scrapes. I may ask when the next service is due to have the clip replaced at least, although they didn't think it was worth a special service for it. On the measurable qualities the car is still driving as before: highway mileage seems not to have appreciably changed, and while I'll probably need to have them redo my alignment it's not like the car is driving erratically. So once again I got out of a major incident as lightly as possible.

Later in the day we drove down to bunny_hugger's parents, for dinner and to pick up our pet rabbit. She described the FlopHouse Phantasm thing and played the letters part of that podcast episode to what I think was slightly confused delight.

But while we were hanging out I got to feeling worse and worse. A bit of it was my back. More of it was that I felt nauseated. After a stretch sitting very still I had to run to the bathroom and throw up. And it wasn't getting better; I went upstairs and lay down through dinner.

bunny_hugger drove us home, naturally. I sat reclining in the car making little whimpering noises as the car's jostling hurt my back. And then, at exactly the last corner to turn before pulling up to our house, I felt ... well, a stomach that had already been emptied by two earlier vomiting sessions couldn't have more in it, could it? But before I could even desperately call for bunny_hugger to pull over --- which would be hard since we were in the center lane for a left turn --- I just exploded in a cartoonish spray of awful. I could get the door open and spat a bit more out, but managed to have another incident between the turn and getting to our house.

bunny_hugger did quite well cleaning up the interior of my now ill-treated car. It had maybe the worst 24-hour stretch of all.

Trivia: Eleven of the twelve science instruments on Pioneer Venus Orbiter, which arrived at Venus in 1978, were still operating when the probe was burned up in the planet's atmosphere in October 1992. Source: This New Ocean: The Story of the First Space Age, William E Burrows.

Currently Reading: Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing, Po Bronson, Ashley Merryman.

PS: Reading the Comics, December 17, 2015: Caught Up Edition, as I get briefly on top of the mathematics comics out there.


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