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Here to stay is the new bird

We decided late Christmas Day to spend another night at her parents'. This was not without some sacrifice, because bunny_hugger gets lousy sleep on the air mattress in their spare bedroom. This is mostly my fault, because I move a lot in my sleep, and the air mattress transmits all that movement to the other side of the bed. But it didn't help that a couple houses down the street they have a couple large dogs that were set out for early-morning barking sessions.

So we got up early. But we were also getting up early to do a good deed. bunny_hugger's brother and his girlfriend needed to get to the airport for an early afternoon flight. We volunteered to drive them, giving us an extra hour-plus with them and sparing her father the anxiety of airport driving. It's not so bad if you're just dropping people off but still, the only airports that aren't terrible to get to are small ones like Lansing or Trenton, or else Singapore's Changi Airport, because you just take the subway there. The traffic turned out not to be too bad, and we way overestimated how long they'd need to get through security. I figured the day-after-Christmas to be a pretty heavy travel day, but apparently when that's Saturday folks figure to spend the whole weekend instead.

So after our last bit of time with them we drove back, stopping for one unsuccessful errand (more about that later), and got back to her parents' home. We went out with her father to try to get to a local bar-restaurant for lunch. That place was closed, so we went to a diner instead. bunny_hugger's mother said if she'd known we were going to the diner she'd have come with us. She's still rather angry at the lousy service last time they went to the bar-restaurant.

That served as the soft end of family-Christmas-gathering events. We collected our pet rabbit, who's getting tired again of being stuffed into his carrier, and went home.

Trivia: During World War II the FCC required television stations remain on the air four hours per week. Source: The Forgotten Network: DuMont and the Birth of American Television, David Weinstein.

Currently Reading: Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape The Universe, Marin Rees.


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