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When you say it's gonna happen 'now'

With Christmas basically covered let me jump back a couple holidays, to Halloween, which might have been our big holiday festivity for the year all told. Specifically, let me jump to the Tuesday before Halloween. It was also a pinball league night for our local league. bunny_hugger felt inspired to announce a costume contest for the league, and bought trophies --- a witch atop a broomstick --- for the first, second, and third-place finishers.

She had a great idea for her costume, but it would require time to gather pieces and prepare, and the time just wasn't there in September and October. It still hasn't appeared. If you know where the time to assemble a costume has gone please write care of this department. But she had a reliable backup, which would be the Stitch kigurumi: it looks great, and it's possible to put it on in the time between coming home from classes, getting a needed snack, and heading out for pinball league. I chose to wear my red panda kigurumi, but with some add-ons. I found a nice pair of nitrile gloves that have the right black-paw look. I'd hoped to attach some sculpey claws to the tips but couldn't get them to adhere, so I went without. I also used some makeup to put at least the suggestion of an eye mask on, and learned how hard it is not to scratch your face and smudge your makeup all night.

The fear nobody else would go along evaporated the moment we got there. People really loved playing pinball in costume. Two of the women in the league dressed as The Shining twins. MWS came dressed as a mad scientist, complete with Gizmo doll in his lab coat, after his original plan --- dressing as league superstar CST --- required too much time to prepare. Another guy, one of our Grand Rapids-based friends, also came as CST. But league president WVL blew all the competition away by dressing as CST, right down to shaving his head. CST was awestruck, as you might imagine, and could not believe all this.

Well. WVL won, by a wide margin, the costume contest. bunny_hugger took second place because, oh yeah, everybody in the world loves Stitch, and she's adorable as Stitch. And The Shining twins took third; I'm not sure how they agreed to split the trophy.

And I'm looking for good excuses to play pinball in costume again, since that's rather fun. I think the gloves helped me out, too.

Trivia: The word ``learn'' derives from the Old English ``leornian'', meaning to learn or to study; its cognates in other Indo-European languages suggest this derives from either ``furrow'' or ``track''. Source: Webster's Dictionary of Word Origins, Editor Frederick C Mish.

Currently Reading: Sizesaurus, Stephen Strauss.


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