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Well when exactly do you mean?

Now, Halloween proper almost got squeezed out given everything going on. We didn't have the time to travel up to Uncle John's Cider Mill and pick a pumpkin out of the patches this year. We settled for ones we got at Horrock's on the west side of town. It's where we go for bird- and squirrel-seed, and oddball candies, and a lot of other stuff. They also carry a lot of gardening supplies, and in the right seasons pumpkins, and in other seasons Christmas trees.

We didn't have time to carve them either, not until the day before Thanksgiving. But we went down to bunny_hugger's parents' home and had another good time pulling innards out of pumpkins and carving figures. bunny_hugger tried to make a good dragon-inspired face this time around and I think succeeded. I managed not to have a pumpkin that had already rotted, unlike 2014's candidate.

And if I'm not mistaking things, this would be the last time I saw bunny_hugger's parents' surviving dog. She was dead by Thanksgiving, and I don't think we had reason to visit again between Halloween and then.

But for Halloween itself ... well, the day was cold and a bit rainy. Nothing so awful as 2014's. That was the year so tempestuous that we thought the tornado siren at the start of the trick-or-treating hour might be an actual tornado warning. Nothing that bad this year. Also no siren, which made us wonder if they got complaints about the 2014 siren scaring people unnecessarily. But it was a dismal year for trick-or-treating anyway, and it was only a couple trick-or-treaters coming ten minutes before the end that saved the night from being a complete shutout. Well, they got full-size Hershey bars and if we're lucky they'll spread rumors about us.

It had struck me that Cedar Point was going to be open the 1st of November, officially for Fan Appreciation Day, and for a day of striking Halloweekends stuff. And I thought about suggesting we do the somewhat mad business of driving down to Cedar Point and back again for a short, weird day to close out the season. But I didn't, and I suspect that was the right choice. We were pretty exhausted already and needed to spend a couple days just doing routine bits of nothing much.

Trivia: Before being hired to run the struggling New York Herald Tribune in 1959, Robert Mitchell White II had been the third-generation editor of the Mexico (Missouri) Ledger, a smalltown daily with circulation under nine thousand. (He was highly recommended; apparently it was quite good for a smalltown daily.) Source: The Paper: The Life and Death of the New York Herald Tribune, Richard Kluger.

Currently Reading: Sizesaurus, Stephen Strauss. It's a lot of generally pleasant, short, chatty essays about measuring stuff.

PS: Another Reasoning Puzzle From chefmongoose, who's giving me charming problems here.


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