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I started out the New Year's Day tournament losing to MWS on Fish Tales. Well, I could take it. Besides, he desperately needed a win; he'd had an awful, awful performance the day before. I would also go up against, and lose to, GRV on Star Trek: The Next Generation. That was almost a given; GRV's better than I am when not rattled, and Next Generation gives you a lot of chances to recover from being rattled. I did beat somebody (I didn't catch the name) on one of the solid state machines so the day wasn't a perfect shutout. But then it was back to the DMD-era games, and Dirty Harry against CST. He put up something like 500 million points. I don't think I broke 100 million. I couldn't find any of the shots that scored anything. And, as mentioned, I got knocked out finally on Godzilla, against DF who just kept going on and on (and was player one, so he couldn't even kneel) and ended up taking either the Grand Champion or the High Score #1 position.

When I was at liberty so, I went back to Dirty Harry to see if I could figure out anything to do on it. And this time, sure, now that it was too late, I put up a blockbuster game. There's a mode-starting scoop that, up against CST, I couldn't hit to save my life. Now I kept hitting that and then the ramps or orbit shots needed to capitalize on that. My first ball took me up somewhere around 700 million --- for scale, about what bunny_hugger had gotten in the Midnight Madness multiball where everything was worth three million points --- and I could not believe it. CST asked, half in jest, where was that a couple minutes ago? I pointed to the scoop and said, ``It was hiding somewhere in there.'' It's all timing.

bunny_hugger also had a poor showing, and she griped that she was starting the year as the worst-ranked Michigan player. So the days were not great ones for her self-esteem as a competitive pinball player. She'd have some good matches later in January, though.

MWS, meanwhile, was on a hot streak. He would keep on winning, and end up taking the #1 spot for the night. He joked about this being his worst-to-first performance. It does show off how variable even the great players can be. But he got the year off to a good start.

We'd hang around a decent while after the tournament finished, since who'd leave before they had to? But we also didn't want to linger past midnight, not really anyway, and we thanked MJS and family for their hospitality at a reasonable hour. He spoke vaguely of hoping to do more events like this in 2016, and we'd certainly love to be part of that.

For 2015, I would end up ranked 13th in the state of Michigan. bunny_hugger would be ranked 17th. All the top 16 players --- including the one who'll have to come in from Oregon --- have indicated they intend to be at the state finals, the 13th of February.

Trivia: During the Panic of 1907 John D Rockefeller Senior deposited $10 million to the Union Trust Company, and promised additional deposits of $40 million if needed to stabilize the market. (His wealth was, according to a 1902 audit, around $200 million.) Source: The Panic of 1907: Lessons Learned from the Market's Perfect Storm, Robert F Bruner, Sean D Carr.

Currently Reading: Conquerors: How Portugal Forged The First Global Empire, Roger Crowley.

PS: How January 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog, just keeping up on the statistical readouts and all.

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