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And now my first nag of the month to follow my humor blog either on your friends page or on your RSS reader, followed by the first list of the month of the stuff that's run on it the past week:

On the way back from Conneaut Lake Park we stopped in at Cedar Point, because that's still fun, and took in a bit of Halloweekends stuff from the front of the amusement park.


Do you see a parade? It was supposed to be coming down this way. And it would, in time, although we were starting to wonder if we'd somehow gotten the place wrong since they didn't start clearing people out of the path until after the parade's scheduled start time.


Tiki Twirl, formerly the Calypso, and put in its new location near the Giant Ferris Wheel (right) and the Wicked Twister (not seen). It's gotten some paint and the ``palm tree'' lights are working anew, but it still hasn't got the center-post umbrella that should twirl.


Catching a lucky bit of light at the Blue Streak roller coaster.


Uncle Sam ponders the mediocre attendance at his none-too-high straw maze. This is one of the kid attractions set up near Blue Streak. The green roller coaster in the background is Raptor.


Another bit of lucky light: Raptor (front) and Blue Streak (back) in the evening sky at Cedar Point.

Trivia: The Project Gemini guidance computer was about nineteen inches long, weighted about fifty pounds, and had a core memory of 159,744 bits. Source: First Man: The Life Of Neil A Armstrong, James R Hansen.

Currently Reading: Conquerors: How Portugal Forged The First Global Empire, Roger Crowley.

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