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I got you, babe

Say, how about the coatis in New Jersey?

I've reported before about the Cohanzick Zoo coatis, in Bridgeton, deep in the southern part of the state. Since the zoo hasn't got groundhogs and does need something to do during the long winters, they bring out a trio of coatis --- Floriemel, Carmella, and Margarita --- to putter around on the first of February and go to signs forecasting Spring or Winter. The zoo claims that in the twenty years they've been doing this (originally with a lone male named Dom Coatimundi) that they've been wrong just the once.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the trio of coatis came out of the cage and, eventually --- it took them about a quarter-hour to warm up to it --- trod over to the Winter sign, promising six more weeks of winter. I should point out that it was about sixty degrees there on the 1st. It's been getting up to sixty degrees every day this week. If there were a less wintery week to forecast winter it's hard to think of one. Well, there's a forecast for snow this weekend anyway.

The pictures show off how, in the wake of that rather large snowstorm, there's a modest bit of snow left on the ground even though it was warm enough to go in short sleeves. I love when that happens.

Trivia: Vaudeville strongman Breitbart's 1923 act at the Brooklyn Orpheum included immobilizing a miniature carousel with six horses on which six members of the audience sat. Source: The Encyclopedia of Vaudeville, Anthony Slide.

Currently Reading: Conquerors: How Portugal Forged The First Global Empire, Roger Crowley.

PS: Reading the Comics, February 2, 2016: Pre-Lottery Edition, so you have a hint what the next Reading the Comics post will be.


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