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We were a little late setting out for the mall's Chinese New Year event. We should have gone maybe ten minutes sooner. Then we'd have had time to figure out where the parade was exactly going to be. We'd also have had time to put our coats away in the bookstore where bunny_hugger occasionally works. We raced to the show's stage. They were still busy with the jazz band playing a warm-up and prelude to the show of Chinese culture and talents promised. When they started up another tune, we figured we had enough time to run back to the bookstore, on the far side of the mall, and leave our jackets safely behind.

While walking back we ran into the parade, which had somehow assembled somewhere and started marching around the mall without our having seen them. More, with our somehow having walked past them, if they assembled where I thought they had. I have no explanation for this. But it did change our plans. Now we had to try to get any decent photographs of the parade, which is otherwise such a magnificently photographable event. It wouldn't be perfectly successful. Neither of us got many good pictures of the lions, particularly. Last year we'd been able to stake out some good spots along the route, and get strings of photographs of the dancers lunging at people, bunny_hugger included. This year we'd just run trying to catch up. Though I did get some charming-to-me pictures of the dragon, held up by a dozen or so kung fu practitioners, standing just outside the Sbarro's.

bunny_hugger and I got separated, of course. We hadn't made any plans about where to meet up, or that we might even be separated. The obvious guess would be at the end of the parade. That was the stage where the show was being held. And so we did. We picked opposite sides of the stage. She took the side where the parade entered the stage. I took the side after, which the parade folks only used after they had gone on stage for their show. Of course we didn't see one another. I walked around the back of the stage, which was opened up to the area next to the mall's food court, and to the other side. She walked around the seating area, hoping to find me in the audience.

Finally I supposed she had gone to the bookstore to take her coat off. She hadn't, but as I walked back from that I found her. She'd just given up trying to find me anywhere and was going to the bookstore to take her coat off. You might ask why we didn't call each other to figure out a place to meet. My cell phone was where it always is, in the phone compartment of my messenger bag, in the dining room, back home. Probably without any battery charge left. And we somehow made it through this alive.

Trivia: The 23rd of February, 1981, saw the 25th attempted military coup d'etat in Spain since 1814. Source: The Basque History of the World, Mark Kurlansky.

Currently Reading: Machines and Morality: The 1850s, Robert Sobel.

PS: Ensembled, two thousand words all based on that thing where a couple Iowa caucus districts tied and decided by a coin toss. It ends up in statistical mechanics of course.


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