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Because it's our time to shine

With the special anniversary noted, let me get back to repeating what all was in my mathematics blog the past week. Did you see it on your Friends page? Or did you see it in your RSS reader? You could have, if you wanted. If you wanted me to guide you to it instead, here it is:

Meanwhile, back in October, it was Halloweekend Sunday:


Last Chance to See? Again, we don't have reason to think the Matterhorn is going away. But it would make sense if it were relocated over by the Dodgem and Tiki Twirl, and the spot where we figure the Super Himalaya would go.


Troika! It's a great variation on the Scrambler, with enough motion up and down to satisfy people who want to be able to peek over the roofs of food stalls and the like.


And there, emerging from the dusty wilderness, was GateKeeper. Good placing of some plants hides the rest of the Oceana Midway.


It's a couple picnic tables with crayons and pages to color in. Why must the kids wear shoes?


Last Chance to See? A remnant of the Pirate Ride that's stuck around in a building not much used otherwise. It's near the entrance to Blue Streak. We have no reason to think it's going to be renovated away. It's just that the attraction this is theming for hasn't been around for a long while.

Trivia: A 1952 report prepared for the government of of India prepared thirty calendars in use, besides the Islamic calendar of the Muslim community and the Gregorian calendar of the British. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Fundamental Physical Constants and the Frontier of Measurement, P W Petley.

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