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When a good time turns around you must whip it

With my lost match I was out of the running for State Pinball Champion. Single-elimination. No second-chance bracket. I was not done playing, though. All eight players who lost their first round would play each other, in a series of best-of-three matches, to break the ties. Whoever won three best-of-three matches would be the #9 player. Whoever won two best-of-three matches and then lost would be #10. Whoever won one, lost one, and won one would go on to be #11. Win one match then lose two and be #12. And so on.

I would do better in this, which we dubbed the losers bracket for want of any good name to call it. I would stick, as I had before, with the solid state and the electromechanical games. But here among the already-eliminated I would do better. No shutouts here. I would sweep the first match which I think was against EAZ. I would win the second match, against SMS, after a fine rally on her pick of Tron. I could not break back into the top eight, but I could close the tournament at number 9, if I could beat AR2. He's 16. He's the scion of a pinball family. He's a local; this is one of his home locations. He beat me, two games out of three. But it was competitive, and could've gone the other way. I would take 10th place in the Michigan Pinball Championship.

What of bunny_hugger? As the lowest-seed she was placed, in the first round, against CST. CST was under the stress of running the tournament as well as playing, and that's not even a little easy. But he did knock her out, starting from his first pick, Tron, and going on to dominate the solid-state and electromechanical games bunny_hugger picked afterwards. Trapped in the bottom eight she would go on to lose to SMS. I saw the last moments of their match. It was on Tron. Well, I would avenge the family honor, as the above paragraph indicates. bunny_hugger would go on to take the #14 position in the state. She showed she belonged in the top sixteen as much as any of the others did.

Still, Tron would not be a game to make us happy this day.

CST would go on, under the stress of running the tournament, to take the #5 position. That hurt us. He's been one of the top players in the state for years, and he's been an outstanding ambassador for competitive pinball and organizer for its events most of that time. If there is a moral right to represent a state, he's got it, but he hasn't had the chance to. Surely part of it is that he gets torn away between balls to tend to the problems of tournament-running.

MWS, the other player we'd be most rooting for, had a truly awful day, winning none of his matches. He'd finish at #16. Maybe we shouldn't be left to root for folks.

Trivia: The three largest European cities in 1500 were Paris, Naples, and Venice. Each had about 150,000 residents. Source: A World Lit Only By Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance, William Manchester.

Currently Reading: The Punic Wars, Adrian Goldsworthy.

PS: A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Conjecture, more mathematical work and part of my glossaries.

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