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I've got a bootleg version of Citizen Kane

At the north end of our street is a party store. Actually, there's two party stores. ``Party store'' is what Michigan folks call a ``convenience store'' where you can buy beer, or what everyone else calls a ``convenience store''. Maybe there's supposed to be a deeper connotation than that but I've missed it.

Anyway, there's one called Lucky's that's been at the corner forever. Or at least since before bunny_hugger moved here. Like any low-rent convenience store it occasionally gets a burglary or robbery or the place gets busted for selling cigarettes to minors. These hit the local TV news and, when bunny_hugger's parents can watch the Lansing-area TV stations, questions from them about are we all right. (Their cable system switched most of the local stations from Lansing to Kalamazoo, which doesn't make any sense to them. I'm not sure about it myself, since their weather is more like Lansing's than like Kalamazoo's.) And they get complaints filed against them for not shoveling their sidewalk, the way they're supposed to after a snowstorm.

Last week I noticed something weird in the main window. Mostly, I noticed nothing there. It looked like the front area was emptied out. Passing by on further visits confirmed this. The store looks like it's closed. Possibly it's being renovated. Possibly it's just joined the legion of abandoned party stores in the metro Lansing area. And this after they just had a winter where they mostly did shovel their walks after snowstorms. (There weren't many snowstorms this winter, and almost no big ones, which helps.)

Maybe it is just renovations, although I haven't seen evidence of anything being done. On the other hand, they have left the lights outside on, so the building stays bright and visible. If the party store on the corner is gone ... well, I don't have any sentimental attachment to the place. I couldn't swear that I had ever definitely set foot into it. It's a shame to lose local character, but I don't know that the place had any particular character. More ominous is the thought that if it isn't going to reopen soon, it might be stuck there, a future Eyesore Of The Week, for ages to come.

At least there's the other party store on the end of the street and one block over. Which was listed last month as having unpaid property taxes. Its sign was also knocked over by a windstorm a couple weeks ago. Probably coincidence.

Trivia: Dooley Wilson --- Sam, in Casablanca --- had a vaudeville routine in which he, in whiteface, played an Irish character. Source: American Cornball: A Laffopedic Guide to the Formerly Funny, Christopher Miller.

Currently Reading: Gorgon: The Monsters That Ruled The Planet Before Dinosaurs And How They Died In The Greatest Catastrophe In Earth's History, Peter D Ward.

PS: A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Homomorphism, continuing my mathematics glossary with some more seriously algebra stuff.


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