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What's that man holding in his hands?

So I played. The balls were still locked, and I even found the multiball start. This put together a lot of points fast. I started getting congratulations, and I double-checked my score, then let the ball drain. The bonus kept counting, rolling up surprisingly long a while.

I'd won.

The import of this might not be obvious. For all I talk about pinball around these parts, and for all I've talked about bunny_hugger's successes --- she's won the B Division at the Marvin's league, and got a string of trophies from the Lansing league --- and for all that I do pretty well in league play, the fact is I've been lousy in tournaments. Usually I bomb out quickly. On rare occasion I win one or two matches before being defeated. On a few occasions, such as the Amazing Race side tournament at the State Championships, I get far along. But I finish out of the money every time. I'd had success as one of a pair in Zen Tournaments, but as a solo player? Never.

And suddenly I had. For the first time in my competitive pinball career, I won a solo trophy.

B Division, yes. It has struck me part of my trophy drought was that I'm good enough to qualify among the state's top players, but not good enough to reliably beat them. So my slow start maybe put me in easier waters. Still, MWS is certainly better than me. The father who'd tilted out might be; it's hard to say. Well, it came out nicely for me, anyway.

Bill had homemade trophies, carved wood things, for the top three winners in A division, and for the lone top winner in B. He'd had the time to paint the carvings of flippers in the trophy for B, so I have one that stands out even among its partners.

There'd be some time yet before the A Division finished its playoffs. It had more people, and more better players. We stuck around of course. bunny_hugger are great ones for sticking around and trying to help with cleanup and all that. And some of our better friends were in the running for the championships in A Division. Plus, there's trying to figure out how to play Pinball Magic to do.

So we'd stick around to the reasonable end of the night, and take home surprisingly large amounts of the potato salad and spaghetti salad and all we'd taken there to start, and talk about just how wonderful the whole day was and how glad we were to be there. On the way out --- well, there was that Jurassic Park machine. It had been sitting in the garage, not used in tournament play for some reason. MWS had turned it on for a game before he left. bunny_hugger took a turn on it herself. I don't remember if I played. I suspect not, since I'd had a satisfying game inside and I like leaving on a high note. I believe we amused our hosts with stopping for one last little game before heading back home. I'd certainly be.

Trivia: The British Government Post Office registered more than 35,000 telegraphic addresses by 1889. Source: The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's Online Pioneers, Tom Standage.

Currently Reading: Popeye, Bobby London.

PS: Things To Be Thankful For, mathematics nevertheless! Inspired by a building wall asking people what they're grateful for.

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