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What a heartbreaker, the devil on wheels

bunny_hugger and I didn't set out to make our relationship-anniversary, which we make out to be Leap Day, a weeklong event. And we didn't achieve that either. But we did some things that clustered around the week that I think of as linked together. One is the trip to Kalamazoo and chance to see Only Yesterday, which I talked about a couple weeks ago.

Earlier that week, though, we'd gone to see a movie in the theaters for the first time in months if you don't count the Rifftrax showing of Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. It's one less month if you do count that. But we had wanted to see something. And MWS had given us a couple passes and a coupon for popcorn-and-soda at one of the local movie chains. It's not the one we usually go to these days, because it hasn't got a pinball machine, but it has got Coke Zero and other, generally better, diet sodas. The thing is he gave this to us a year ago and we just never found that combination of a movie we wanted to see that wasn't a special event or in the first week of its run (when these passes aren't good).

We went to Hail, Caesar, since it looked so appealingly pleasant in commercials and was a couple weeks old at that point. There were something like ten other people in the theater with us, including a pack of teens-to-young-adults we worried would talk through the movie. They didn't; once the action got going they were more interested in the movie than themselves. If they had phones out, they were behind us, so we didn't know it.

And we loved the movie ourselves. It was one of those things full of pleasant people kind of puttering around, so genially it was kind of a shame there was a plot to keep getting back to. But every little thread was appealing. And in thinking the movie over we realized all sorts of little throwaway moments had resonances to the main plotline. And all done with this effortless grace.

Or then there's simple subtle comic brilliance. There's a little cutaway joke of a guy doing a jigsaw puzzle which bids fair to amuse me the rest of my life. I'm so glad we went to it.

Trivia: The only midcourse correction burn made by Apollo 12 on the course from Earth the Moon lasted 9.2 seconds. Source: Where No Man Has Gone Before: A History of NASA's Apollo Lunar Expeditions, William David Compton. NASA SP-4214.

Currently Reading: Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism, Chris Jennings.

PS: A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Matrix, a mathematical term I was able to bring Lewis Carrol into.


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