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That coyote is really a crazy clown

Now here's something unexpected: Cartoon Network Singapore picked up The Road-Runner Show. This isn't relabelled Acme Hour stuff; this is the 1960s Saturday Morning series, complete with individual cartoon opening and closings cut off and replaced with static title cards, with faded prints, and that audio track which, if a little richer, could be monaural. It's even got the interstitial one-shot Coyote and Road Runner jokes. They cut the opening credits, though, I guess for commercial time, though there are fewer commercials than contemporary US shows have.

As the title implies Coyote and Road Runner get the first cartoon. It seems Sylvester and Tweety get the second, which I count as a tactical error. Sylvester and Tweety are (ultimately) the low-rent version of Coyote and Road Runner, and putting them back-to-back makes Sylvester and Tweety less likable, even if you dig deep into the Rudy Larriva cartoons, with four bars of music and nary a chuckle in sight, to make Coyote look bad.

They've also got some cartoons that make me wonder why I haven't seen them on TV in ages, like Trick or Tweet. I can see wanting to pretend the Daffy Duck-Speedy Gonzales cartoons or Solid Tin Coyote never existed (you'd think a giant coyote robot would be fun), but why hide the competent ones?

Trivia: Among personal effects Alexei Leonov had launched on the Salyut 1 space station were underwear, pajamas, a sketchpad, and colored pencils. He never flew to Salyut 1. Source: Two Sides of the Moon, David Scott, Alexei Leonov, Christine Toomey. And I bet you all thought I'd forget the anniversary of the first space station's launch. [ Edit: Drat it, I'd have sworn today was the anniversary. I missed. ]

Currently Reading: Asimov's New Guide to Science, Isaac Asimov.


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