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I've taped them off the telly so you shouldn't complain

And meanwhile what's going on with that party store on the corner, the one that seems like it might be abandoned? ... Well, it's still on the corner, and it looks like it might be abandoned.

We can see inside easily enough, and it's certainly not a working convenience store. There's a couple ladders placed around the floor, and the remains of displays for prepaid phone cards. If there's work being done, though, it isn't obvious. Not to me, anyway. I did notice a couple cars parked in the lot there and guys prowling around the wooden fence out back. But that could signify anything. Also, as bunny_hugger pointed out, the convenience store has a backyard somehow for some reason? We're not too sure about that.

I haven't seen any news reports that explain what happened, either. I'm not surprised the local alt-weekly hasn't mentioned the closure, as best I can figure. It hasn't got much space, and it does have to give space to stuff like their architecture critic complaining that stores have too many signs in the windows. We fear he's gone a touch mad. I am surprised it didn't at least get a mention in the State Journal, as best I can figure, but that might just be that I can't figure how to find news articles on their web site. Still, I'd have imagined there's at least a listing of stores going out of business somewhere.

Not happy with the thought there's just going to be a vacant party store on our block either. We've got enough problems, like the potholes in the road. We don't need this stuff too.

Trivia: The space shuttle cargo bay doors were designed to withstand an acoustic load of 163 dB during launch. Source: Development of the Space Shuttle, 1972 - 1981, T A Heppenheimer.

Currently Reading: Worldly Goods: A New History of the Renaissance, Lisa Jardine.

PS: A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Polynomials, which are so much of mathematics. Here's why.


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