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Don't know what they're doing, but they laugh a lot behind the green door

Speaking of problems we don't need: the neighbors in the house south of ours. They'd started to annoy us with some bad behavior, like tossing kitchen slop out the window. That seems to have come to an end. But they had a lot of cars there, a lot of cars needing muffler repairs, coming and going all hours of the day and night. Some of the cars seem to not work at all. And there never seem to be lights on. And there were nagging little problems, like leaving junk in the yard, or not mowing the yard. And the yard has become this muddy, watery pit bad enough that bunny_hugger tosses anti-mosquito tablets into the pool.

Eventually it got bad enough the city sent someone around to mow the lawn, and send the landlord the bill. And other people to come around and haul junk out of the yard, and send the landlord the bill. And then while poking around how to complain about bad landlords bunny_hugger discovered: it's not actually properly speaking a rental property. It'd never been inspected and never had a rental certificate, in all the dozen years the owner had been renting it out. We'd have never suspected if not for this lot of neighbors.

So two weeks ago one of the nonfunctional cars got an orange ticket pasted on the back window. It was just too far away for us to read what it was. (Given there's no way to guess how many people are home at any time we didn't think we could sneak up on the car and read it.) And then last week they got some kind of visit from the code enforcement people; we think it was the inspection required for a legitimate rental certificate. The next day, 'NO TRESPASSING' signs were affixed to the house. Four of them, for a house with one front and one back door. And the ticketed non-functioning car was towed away. They've been down to three cars parked in the back yard, too, which is at least a reasonable number, with at least fewer visits.

This all signifies something and we can't be quite sure what. The yard is still untouched by drainage. But for me to be uncharacteristically Panglossian, maybe they're finally going to clean up the place and bring it back into the reasonably respectable state it had up until the current set of residents.

Trivia: Harpo Marx appeared as a guest panelist answering questions on Information, Please. He whistled his way through the program. Source: On The Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio, John Dunning.

Currently Reading: Worldly Goods: A New History of the Renaissance, Lisa Jardine.

PS: A Leap Day 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Quaternion, a mathematics term with a fine bit of bridge-defacing behind it.


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